Setup your box by yourself !

Its very easy to setup .

English tutorial

Urdu tutorial

Shava Setup Guide (Quick Points):
1- Please download the file by clicking on the link below. (Make sure the destination file on your computer is easily accessible. The file name will be upgrade.bin ) This might take about 20mins.
2- Then save / copy that on the USB drive – on the main page of it – not inside a folder.
3- Then connect it on the Shava box and restart it.
4- As soon as it restarts, keep pressing “0” on the remote until it goes to the “Security Page/System” – (if you are already in security system then you don’t need this step.)
5- You will see “Retry or Back or index ” options then go to index or back and – press update. In some boxes it might not give you update option in that case – select ‘retry’ option. (and if does not update in first attempt and gets stuck in the middle – then please restart the box and it will go to the security system again. Press “Retry” this time.
6- It should download the file in about 4 to 5 minutes. that’s a link put in any browser and download it

Click to download update