Recharge your Shava TV Application now in just 42 USD !


(42 USD Annual and 77 USD for 2 years subscription fee)

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As you know IPTV boxes in the market, have life ranging from few months to a couple of years and these companies either do not exist or they block there boxes in order to force the customer to buy newer boxes for $200 or more at average. But Shava takes care of its customers and keeps the old boxes (after 2plus years) running through extensive software updates and support. And you would agree that all these hardwork and maintenance require for us all to shoulder some burden.
So shava-tv offers:
(I) Newer Models with special discounts of upto $30 to exchange with old boxes (Please email us for that discount coupon or invoice).
(II) A non expensive Recharge option $42 for a full year, to keep the old boxes running with all options available for those boxes. And this fee is basically is not a monthly subscription but for the updates and the support and activation and monitoring etc. Also we mentioned on the Terms of Use that there may be some fee added in future in order to help keep the services updated and improved.In addition to all android features you will enjoy the following benefits with the new box.

  • More stability with less buffering.
  • Some additional channels.
  • You can install and run more Apps like Kodi, Netflix, Showbox, Pak Files, Desi Rulez and, etc.

Our existing customers can either RECHARGE their accounts for one year against a payment of US $ 42, or can email us for the exchange program discount.


Service RECHARGE is valid for existing customer after expiration of original 2 years Activation. Please allow one business day after purchase to recharge your account. Note: Also If you already have Any Android Box or Tablet or Computer, just pay the Recharge Fee of USD 39.99 and send an email to us at We will send to you our Software file or APK which you will install on your box and enjoy our Android Version for Ten Months. Or Email us to know more details of different plans and packages.WE WILL STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU TO OPT FOR THE EXCHANGE PROGRAM TO BENEFIT FROM ALL FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS AND IMPROVEMENTS.

If you faced any difficulty on recharging your box . Please give a comment here . Thanks for your understanding.